Hotel Nuevo Boston

Hey guys, this is just a really quick review about the hotel that we stayed in. We were only in Madrid for one day. Hotel Nuevo Boston was an excellent pick. It’s literally just a couple of minutes away from the airport. They do have a free airport shuttle, you just have to call the hotel once you arrive. Check in was very easy and our room was ready. Please be aware of the check in times.

The room that I booked included breakfast which was good. The decorum of the hotel was very lovely. Our room was very comfortable. Spacious and warm, my two favorite things. We did order room service and it came very quickly.

If you plan on going to the city it’s about a 15 min ride to the city. Only on weekends do they provide a free shuttle to the city. Otherwise you have to cab it. That ride one way will cost you about 25€. Overall it was a great stay and if you’re overnighting it’s the perfect choice. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram: mzinternationalsiren

See you at my next destination.

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