Don’t Forget the Toilet Paper. Oh Hey Morocco!

Every blog you read tells you how beautiful Morocco is, how great the food is and how friendly the people are. And these things are all true. But no one tells you the most important thing. BRING TOILET PAPER! This is essential! Most, correction all of the public restrooms that I’ve been to have no toilet paper. As you may or may not know, they use their hands and a bottle of water. So because I am not accustomed to this I need toilet paper. So if you do forget to pack the toilet paper, once you check into your room grab that extra roll of toilet paper and just carry it with you. Oh also ladies you may have to squat over a hole in the floor every now and then. There is a small bucket that you can fill with water to flush down the waste. I’m just preparing you. Lol now onto the adventure. We had 5 days to explore most of Morocco and trust me we took advantage of everyday.

Day 1. We spent the day running around the square. Anything you need or wanted you could find right in the markets. And you can bargain with them as well. Purchased some argan oil, black soap We had dinner at the hotel. Our hotel was right in the middle of the medina. I had Curry chicken with glazed pears. This particular hotel actually let’s you preorder your meals for a fee of course. Let’s See what day two brings!

Day 2. We are on our way to Ouarzazate. This is a 10 hour car ride round-trip. Ouarzazate has beautiful scenery . On our way we stopped at a restaurant called cafe restaurant Tagdalt just to grab a quick bite to eat and to use the bathroom. Keep in mind that if you do need to use the bathroom it cost 2.00 dir, which seems to be the normal rate. In Ouarzazate we ended up eating at a restaurant called El Bahja. 2 chicken and beef skewers. We had rice and bread but for some reason the they weren’t warm, which I noticed was the norm here. The bread and rice are always cold. Ouarzazate is where they have two famous movie theaters. They filmed Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Star Wars and some scenes from Game of Thrones here. If you’re spending a lot of time in Marrakech then I would say add this to your itinerary, if not I would actually replace this one with a tour of the desert. They do offer a 1-3 night tour of the desert where you can actually sleep in a tent. Don’t get me wrong Ouarzazate was nice but I’m pretty sure sleeping in the Saraha desert would’ve been a better experience.

Day 3. We flew from Marrakech to Fes. It was only about a 45 minute flight. Once we landed we had to go through passport control even though the flight was domestic. Make sure you hold on to your boarding pass stub. They do ask for that. Once we exited the airport we had taxi drivers fighting over us. I quickly glanced at a board that had prices listed. Once we got our driver I asked him how much he stated 150 dir. Ummm no sir 120 dir he said fine. We were staying at the Marriott in fes. The Marriott isn’t close to anything, you either have to take a taxi or a bus to get around. There is actually a review on this hotel on my Instagram page: mzinternationalsiren.

Day 4. We booked a tour for the city of Meknes and Volubilis. Volubilis is the only place in Morocco that has some  the Ancient Roman Ruins. The drive from the hotel to Volubilis is about an hour and thirty minutes. Once you arrive there is an entry fee of 10 dirhams. It is definitely a beautiful place to visit especially if you’re into the Ancient Roman Ruins. If you do it without a guide which I don’t really think you’ll need, it should take about an hour to walk around the whole compound.

After Volubilis we were on our way to Meknes. It’s a very beautiful city with wonderful views. We also had lunch there as well. We also made a quick stop in Moulay Idriss which was good for a photo opportunity. Now we were on our way to the old city of Fes. What a city! The architecture is simply amazing. We saw the King’s Palace, The Blue Gate, and we went into the Medina. Thank God we had a guide because we definitely would’ve gotten lost there. Fes is a lot more relaxed than Marrakech , especially in the market. You don’t have everyone in your face trying to sell you something. They’re all sitting down and if you have a look they just say hi. We also saw the oldest University in Morocco. Our next stop in the old city was a pottery store. But this store was different, they were making the items on site so we got a chance to see items made from start to finish. And I must say the pottery here is simply beautiful even down to the smallest details. You will probably spend about 5 hours just wandering in the Medina so enjoy it but go with a guide or your driver or you might just get lost. Come with an empty bag! Lol You’re guaranteed to fill it up.


Day 5. We are on our way to CHEFCHAOUEN. We decided to take the CTM bus there. It’s about a 4 hour bus ride from Fes. The ticket will cost you about 75 dir one way and make sure you buy your ticket early (as in either the day before or weeks before) or you will be waiting at the bus station for a bus that has room. You will get approached by private taxi drivers offering to get you there in 3 hours for 300-400 dir. Ummm no thank you. Lol

The 4 hour bus ride wasn’t that bad and oh man was it worth it. This city is gorgeous. This is by far my favorite city that I’ve visited in Morocco. Wish we were staying longer. The blue city stands up to it’s name. Everything is blue and beautiful. The food is excellent here, the people are super friendly and talk about getting your argan oil cheap. This is the place. The same bottle that I paid 150 dir for was only 60 dir here. The black soap that I paid 100 dir was only 10 dir here. Even the handmade soaps were a bargain. The one thing I did not see a lot of were pottery. They had some but not as much as Marrakech or Fes. Remember to bring a light jacket with you because you are high up in the mountains so it can be a little chilly in the evening.

Day 6. We are on our way to Casablanca. There is only one bus per day that leaves from CHEFCHAOUEN and it leaves at 7:00am. This is a 7 hour bus ride. This bus is a lot more comfortable than the one that we took everything here, plus there’s a USB outlet behind each seat so you can charge your device. We didn’t really go sightseeing in Casablanca. To be honest with you that 7 hour bus ride drained us.

I have the reviews for the hotels that we stayed at on my Instagram page: mzinternationalsiren.

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