Beach Please !

Throughout my 35 years on this Earth I’ve been to some amazing beaches, and I’ve also been to some ok beaches. I’m a beach girl always, have been and always will be. When it comes to beaches I’m very hard on how I rate them. Honestly there’s only 3 things I really look for: White sand, clarity of the water and the temperature of the water. Now the temperature of the water is actually the deal breaker for me and I’ll tell you why. Who wants to go to the beach and only sunbathe? I want to be able to walk into the ocean, let the waves smash against me and most importantly I should be able to take a sea bath.

Growing up in Brooklyn and going to the beach in Coney Island was a norm for most Brooklynites. Even at a young age I knew something was wrong. The sand was brown, the water was brown and beyond freezing. How can anyone enjoy this? How can anyone say let’s go to Coney Island and relax? Nope not me. As I got older I started traveling and that opened my eyes to what a beach is supposed to be.

White sand: beautiful fine white sand makes a beach look amazing. Also the cleanliness of the sand is very important. I want to be able to just lay on the sand without a blanket or towel and not worry about a piece of glass sticking me or trying to find a spot that’s not next to garbage. I also feel that cleanliness of the beach shows you how much the people of that community care. But once again that’s just my opinion.

Clarity of the water is very important. I want to be able to see my feet or even the small fish swimming around my feet. I want to be able to see that shark coming towards me(just joking).  But I think the clarity and color of the water adds to the beach. Imagine being on a beach and looking out into the ocean, the sun is shining bright and the reflection of the sun is bouncing off the beautiful turquoise ocean. Picture perfect.

The last but most important thing to me is the temperature of the water. Eventually I want to go in the water and just sit there while the waves crash against me. I feel like that’s the time I get the most enjoyment out of the beach. Especially when you’re with someone, you can play in the water, you don’t mind getting picked up and dropped in the water because it’s so warm. Keep in mind I don’t like being cold. So our views may differ there. People normally like cold oceans because they say it cools them. I don’t want to be cooled down. I want to go from the sun kissing my skin to taking a warm sea bath. Just imagine walking into the ocean without having to jump back because it’s so damn cold.
In my opinion I will list a couple of beaches that were pretty amazing to me. If you’ve been to any of these beaches let me know what you think.

Radhanagar beach- Havelock Island

Jolly Beach- Antigua

Half Moon Cay – Bahamas

St. Maarten

Bulabog beach – Boracay

Private beach at Grand Residence-  Puerto Morales

Beach on Fiesta resort- Guam

Kwenda Beach- Zanzibar

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