Oh Sweet Grenada!

Since my stay in Grenada wasn’t that long ( 3 days) this blog will also include a review of the hotel we stayed at. I scored this awesome deal from JetBlue. I subscribed to them so I get emails whenever  they have specials. Who could say no to $200.00 per person round trip to Grenada? Definitely not I, especially seeing as how I’ve never been and it would be another stamp added to my passport.
The tickets were purchased, now it was time to look for a hotel. I originally was going to go with the Radisson but another hotel was recommended to me by a Grenadian. The hotels name was Grenadian by Rex. Now did I do my research? Not really I saw some pictures, booked the room and we were ready to go.

It was a nice 4 hours and 29 minutes flight. Once we landed we went through immigration and customs. As you exit the airport you’re surrounded by drivers ready to take you to your hotel. We found a driver, asked how much it was to Grenadian and he stated $10.00 u.s dollars. Ok we thought not bad. We got in the car and two minutes later we were at the hotel. Seriously. It was that close to the airport. We could’ve walked there.
We pull up to Grenadian by Rex. The main lobby was beautiful, the check in process was easy and the staff was great. Not to mention you’re given a welcome drink which was a very tasty fruit punch. Once we got our room key we hopped on the cart and were taken to our room.  Let’s talk about this room. Anyone who knows me knows I like to be comfortable and I like 5 star hotels. This was no 5 star. The bathroom was fairly tiny but the shower was even tinier. We had two twin beds that had bedsheets that looked like they came from the early 1910. Lol. A lot of closet space, a small fridge but no microwave. The one good thing that we did have was a balcony that overlooked their garden. I guess you could say that it wasn’t a bad view.  Did I mention I booked an all inclusive. We will talk about the meals later.

Grenada, home to the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. The infamous Grand Anse Beach. It’s a beautiful beach, nice white sand, gorgeous views and clear blue water. But boy was that water cold. I will be doing a blog on what qualifies as an amazing beach in my eyes. As I stated the water was nice and clear, there was no seaweed or garbage in the water, the only thing was it was the type of water where you had to slowly adapt to the temperature which was cold. But the longer you stayed in the warmer it got. The sun was beaming so no need for a towel to dry off. While relaxing on the beach we noticed that the sun was starting to set. Nothing beats a Caribbean sunset. So yes we stayed to watch the sun say goodnight. It started raining shortly after the sun had set. So that was our cue to leave. Getting around Grenada was very easy. You just take a bus, but not a regular bus as you would think. They were actual vans that were packed with people and depending on where you were going the ride would cost anywhere from 2.50-10.00 ec. EC stands for Eastern Caribbean. That’s their currency.

It was a gorgeous day at the beach. And as you can tell by the pictures it was a beautiful beach, just not the best in the Caribbean from my experience. Oh I forgot to mention. We came during the rainy season. So yes everyday it rained but only for a couple of minutes and then the sun would pop its head out and grace us with it’s warm presence. Now it was time for dinner and yes we got the all inclusive because we like to eat. I will say this: the food and the options were very subpar. The resort in the Dominican republic had a lot more options. Usually with all inclusive my plates are filled with food, but here I had about one or two pieces of food on my plate. And that’s very abnormal for me. There was one good thing about the resort, it was on a beach. A very nice and relaxing beach.
The next day it rained all morning. When the rain finally stopped we hopped on a bus and went to Grand Etang lake. It’s a lake that’s on top of a non active volcano. The ride from the hotel was about 40 minutes total. You do have to pay an entry fee of 2.00 ec. The lake was very calm and serene. I will say bring some bread or  something to feed the fish with. That lake was filled with all types of different fishes. I wish I had food so I could’ve seen them better. Honestly unless you’re going to meditate out there you’ll probably only spend about 10 minutes there. We headed back to town which was called St. George’s. Very busy town. The air was filled with scents of mangoes, fried fish, bananas and other various fruits and foods. Of course me being a mango girl I brought two bags of mangoes. One bag was Julie mangoes and the other was dodo. Google them.

The last and final day was spent sun bathing on the beach at the resort. All in all I’m glad I came to Grenada. It was a nice little relaxing trip. As far as the hotel goes, I probably wouldn’t stay there if I were to go back. And once again the staff was amazing and the beach was nice but the accommodations could’ve been better. If you are planning a trip to Grenada, make sure you visit Grand Anse Beach. Also Grenada has a lot of natural springs and waterfalls so make sure you plan for that too. And for you party animals of course there’s nightlife there. It’s the Caribbean. All West Indians know how to party. So there’s a little something for everyone there. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Resort Pool


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